Gold Tones

I was going to go on a hiatus today but then I read Kiki's post and maybe I just want to take a break from my usual blogging style. To be honest I don't really know what kind of style this is either but 

I'm still not used to 24 hour/military time
I'm having a Sputnik Sweetheart kind of moment. Like something has changed and I don't really feel like myself. And I keep feeling like I'm out of breathe like I'm running out of time (It's already almost May). And for the first time, I'm losing weight because of stress instead of gaining it. Which, isn't all too bad.

Anway, I've been obsessed with these two songs lately

And during spring break, I wrote a lot of poetry and thoughts down.

I think I'll be back soon. I also need to catch up on sleep.

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