Spring Haul! Forever 21, American Eagle, Hollister

Hey guys! This is probably the last time in a long time I'll get to shop because my mom issued a ban (she says I've bought too many things recently ;_;). Buuut, I got everything below at an outlet which meant crazy good prices ^_^

Keep reading for more details!

First thing: I LOVE these shoes from H&M. It was the only thing I got at full price ($17.95) and every person I've shown these babies to have lusted over them too ^_^ Especially my guy friends for some reason LOL. They're espadrilles with a rubber sole and perfect for summer (though I'll probably wear them all year round).

I think this picture is slightly out of focus but it's okay (ouo)/ I love the quality of Hollister shorts but they're usually $25 which is almost the price of jeans ;_; However, I copped these for ~$11 at the outlet which is such a good deal. I almost got the khaki and white version but I had to restrain myself ;;

I also got these shorts from Hollister for $9 and I've just been obsessed with jungle/tropical prints lately (as seen in this post) and I'm pretty sure they're swim shorts but I'm going to wear it as normal shorts too :D

My best purchase has to be this cardigan from the American Eagle Outlet. It's just another speckled knit cardigan that's rather long (it stops a little above my knees) but it used to be $50. Guess how much I got it for?
$9! It was on sale for $30 and then 70% off and it was just such a steal. Even though it's spring, there are still random cold days which make this cardigan perfect ^_^

I also had a meeting last weekend in a fancy hotel to work out a few details and I took these pictures because it looked really pretty! It's probably the closest I got to the beach during spring break ;;

How often do you guys shop? What's your favorite store?

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