The Body Shop Tea Tree Cleanser Review

This cleanser is possibly one of the best cleansers I've ever tried. Holy grail status, would repurchase, the whole nine yard.

Eye catching, right? :D I'm someone who's prone to breakouts but after using this cleanser, my skin has improved a lot! All that's left is for the acne scars to gradually heal, which is a lot easier when there aren't new breakouts to make things more. Read after the jump for more info!

I don't know that much about ingredients and such but there's tea tree oil and salicylic acid, both of which are really good at fighting acne. However, it doesn't dry out your skin like other cleansers (especially ones with exfoliating beads). There are also no parabens which is nice as well.

That one dry patch of skin ;;
The cleanser doesn't foam or anything but I'm pretty sure that's better for your skin. The tea tree oil scent is also kind of strong but it's not noticeable after you put on moisturizer. I usually use my Skinfood cleanser at night before I go to sleep because it's more moisturizing and this one in the morning to get rid of the oil residue from the night before. Sometimes, when you use a cleanser that's harsh on your skin, your skin will produce more oil to make up for it and as a result, make you more prone to break outs. However, this cleanser is gentle while still working to fight acne ^^

Quality:  ✿ 5
Price:  4  $12.50
  • cooling on the skin
  • helps prevent acne
  • doesn't dry out skin
  • scent can be disarming (tea tree oil scent is strong)

Overall:  ✿ 5

I'm definitely going to repurchase this after I finish the bottle! I usually get my cleansers from my sister because she buys so many skin care products and make up so I'm not really good at judging the prices but I think $12.50 is definitely affordable. You only need a dime sized amount (less actually!) and it'll last you for a long time.

What cleanser are you currently using? Would you try this out?

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