062814: Bird vs World + Cafe Hopping

Hello hello! (~ ̄▽ ̄)~ I've been blogging about my various adventures more but it is summer and I'm glad I'm actually getting out of the house and meeting people ^_^ I hope you guys don't mind these posts either.

Today I got to meet my friend Youree in person! Internet friendships sound really sketchy but isn't it the same as meeting Youtubers or Bloggers? It's always kind of awkward at first because seeing someone in the flesh is different than conversing with him/her online but our meet up still went smoothly (▰˘◡˘▰)

Youree, A, and I stopped by this cute Korean cafe called Byul and it was a lot more spacious than I thought. The atmosphere + interior design was really modern yet homy, a lot different from your average coffee house (like Starbucks or Peet's Coffee and Tea). I'm also a sucker for minimalistic/wood furnishing.

There was a lot of star themed furniture because Byul means star in Korean which is pretty cute. We also bought macarons from the cafe next door and sat down to eat them ^_^ But then the manager/store owner (?) told us we weren't allowed to eat outside food ;u;

Proof our meet up happened
The pistachio/green one is mine!
Winnie the Pooh polaroid ft Hello Kitty
Then we went to a Japanese beauty store with cute Sanrio/Rilakkuma products as well as Chinese/Korean/Japanese cosmetics and got scolded for taking pictures OTL. In most Asian stores, they don't seem to allow pictures. I'm surprised I was allowed to take pictures in Byul because I wasn't even discreet about it like I was when I went to the convenience store.

After Takeshima we went to get froyo because you can't hang out with Youree and not go to Yogurtland. Fact.

Pistachio + Mango
A had to leave early ;u; and later, Youree and I went to a curry place called Coco Ichibana. Even though I live close to the restaurant, and I love (instant) Japanese curry, I've never dined at the restuarant (;꒪รถ꒪) I didn't actually order anything but Youree was super sweet and shared her curry with me (•́ ॣ·̫  ॣ•̀,)՞ She also recommends their salads so if you ever go, try a salad! Also, she found a hair in her curry and told a waitress and she was really nice about remaking it ^_^ The store manager even came to us personally to apologize. 

I tried her tofu and okra curry (pre-discovery of hair) and to be honest, I didn't know what okra was HAHA. I knew it was a healthy vegetable but that was it and it kind of tastes like asparagus. Fun fact: I used to think quinoa was quinn-o-wa but it's keen-wa. Nice one, English. 

Last but not least, we took polaroids, one for each of us, as a souvenir of this trip. I used to use polaroids so sparingly but now I tote it around whenever I'm with people at a more-than-ordinary event. Which is pretty good considering I used it ~4 times in 2013 and >10 times in 2014. And about lil Sehun? Don't ask, don't tell.

What have you guys done this summer? What do you think about internet friends?

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