Dim Sum, Ice Cream, & OOTD

Temporarily back! I finished my math final on Friday (and clutched an A in the class LOL) so I just have five more finals left until I'm officially done with school! I'll be back Wednesday ^_^ I thought I would make a quick post letting you guys know that I am alive and that my shopping ban is almost over so hauls may be brought back :D I've already started window shopping again it's an issue.

Today's OOTD

I've never really had an exciting summer because they've usually been spent doing workbooks to be ahead for the next school year -_- but I really hope this summer will be different. I'll also be taking a film workshop in August and I can't imagine how fun that'll be ^_^

My sister and I popped into Baskin Robins after dim sum because the last time I went to one was 4-5 years ago! And lemon custard, of course, because I love lemon flavored things.

ASLDFKJ; it was so good *__* Even though school isn't over yet, I've already started making some plans and it makes me really!!! excited!!! because there's just something about summer that's infectiously happy. Fingers crossed that I can see TFIOS and 22 Jump Street while it's still in theaters!

What are your summer plans?

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