Eating Healthy Tips: Strawberry Water

Hey guys! I've seen a ton of people make this drink and I thought I would show you guys since it's getting hotter and staying hydrated is really important ^_^ Drinking lots of water helps with dieting as well since it fills you up. Read more for details!

This detox/strawberry water is really easy to make. It's just adding water, ice cubes, strawberries, grapes, and other berries if you'd like. The result is a slightly fruity tasting water that's refreshing and good for you!

Blogilates also made a video on how to make a detox water similar to this but with cucumbers, lemon slices, and more. The point is, this is very personalized so you can add whatever you want! I think strawberries make the water taste the best ^_^

My ice cubes only froze half way so the strawberry water wasn't that cold but next time I would add more ice cubes because drinking colder water helps your metabolism. However, don't drink cold water after eating oily foods because that makes the oil/fat harder to digest.

I also got my first ever smartphone! I'm really glad I picked the yellow because very few people have the yellow iPhone and it's becoming my favorite color ^_^

You can see how long I've procrastinated LOL

Are you guys going to try this easy drink? What kind of phone do you have?

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