062514: Last Day of School + Convenience Store

Today is my first day of summer! And SAT subject tests came out lol. *mental block* 

Anyway, yesterday a few of us walked to the center near our school and I popped by the Korean/Japanese style convenience store because I really wanted to try a Samanco Ice Cream.

I've always seen the fish shaped snack in mangas/anime (though I don't think it's filled with ice cream usually) and I actually had money that day so (っ˘ڡ˘ς)


Inside there's red bean but you can't really taset it :o The ice cream tastes kinda like whipped cream and it's  overall really good. I would buy it again -- once in a while :~)

The place also sells sushi and they hand make it right after you order so it's really fresh! I've gotten the crunchy roll before and it was sooo good. Is ~$10 expensive for sushi?

There's also a ton of instant ramen if you want to buy some and you can eat it right there since there's a microwave in the back. Even though I call it a convenience store it's actually really small and doesn't sell anything other than food but it's reminiscent of manga/anime/dramas ^~^ The reason for the slightly blurry pictures is because I took them discreetly o3o For some reason, most asian shops don't allow you to take pictures (I also took them when the store keeper wasn't looking).

What have you done this summer? Are you watching any kdramas?

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