OOTD #5: OOTW + SAT + I'm back!

Happy June! I just took my SAT subject test and it feels like a ton of stress has been lifted off me ^_^ I had two essays due at midnight yesterday (wrote 5/8 pages all yesterday .___.) and had to last minute cram too! I just have finals in two weeks but for the next few days I can go back to my posts :D

I also had to film a short autobiography for an advanced video production class I'm trying to get into but something happened with my SD card so I lost 3-4 posts worth of pictures :~( I can retake some but some reviews are now gone forever. Don't procrastinate and write posts ASAP! 

Onto my outfits! Read more to see where everything is from ^_^

(was very sick on Monday+Tuesday)

Blouse: Kohls
Denim Shirt: Target
Skirt: Urban Outfitters
Daisy Crew Socks: Forever 21
Platform Boots: Urban Outfitters


Shirt: Hollister
Lace Cami: Express
Shorts: Hollister
Watch: Casio
Espadrilles: H&M


Colorblock Blouse: Pacsun
Suspender Skirt: Sheinside
Denim Shirt: Target
Shoes: Vans

Which outfit was your favorite? Would anyone be interested in watching my 1 min video autobiography?

Also, a song I've been obsessed with lately:

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