062914: Obey Warehouse Sale!

Hey guys! On the weekend, my friend texted me about an Obey warehouse sale and I thought it would be fun to go to blog about :D 

Initially, I wasn't planning on going because you know how parents can get grumpy when you ask them to drive you places too many times. Instead, I asked her to send me pictures of cute things, especially hats, because I still like to window shop LOL. When she told me hats were only $5, I told my mom and she let me go right away.

Oops, awk shot 
I have summer school P.E. (so I don't have to take the class during the school year) and there's a bit of walking to and from the bus stop every day so I needed a hat to keep my face the same shade as my shoulders. Also, sunscreen can only go so far. Sun protection is very important!

There were clothes everywhere and from other brands with a similar aesthetic. The warehouse was huge and there were a ton of people. It was really easy to get lost but there was only one check out so eventually, you would find the exit ( ̄ω ̄) There was a separate section for women's apparel and to be honest, Obey's clothing isn't really my style but their caps are A+ and there's a bit of brand elitist in everyone (˵¯͒〰¯͒˵)

I was debating between these two caps and sent a pic to my sister, hence the blurry picture, and ended up buying the blue one because the tropical one seemed too touristy. I've been really into jungle prints for the past few months though (ી(΄◞ิ౪◟ิ‵)ʃ) 

Material: Cotton

Also, if you donated a can, they gave you a sticker that said "I DONATED" and if you show it to the guy at the exit, you got to pick out a free hat :D The material of this cap was really soft, not quite suede but definitely not cotton. I ended up giving the free hat to my dad because he needed a new one. Although the print isn't really his style (or anyone else's probably because this is a really random print), I felt good giving it to him and the cap looks good on ^_^

On the way home, I bought a pastry and ate it before we arrived. It was so good *__* 
All in all, the warehouse sale was really fun and it reminds me of the sample sales I've seen/read about in Gossip Girl. If there's another one near me, I'll be sure to go again ^^

Obey's post about it here.

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