Beauty Haul #2: Cosemeticlove, Daiso, & Ulta

Hey guys! I thought I would haul a few beauty products because I don't do beauty hauls very often. I had a meeting at Starbucks the other day in a fancy shopping center and I thought I would pop into Ulta afterwards :D I was overwhelmed by the makeup they had and my guy friend that I dragged in with me was even more so. A few things caught my eye but I'm supposed to be on a self-indicted shopping ban ;__; I haven't saved money in a while and all this spending is making my wallet weep.

I really wanted to try the Nivea Raspberry lip balm because it was raved about a few months back and smells reaally good. But, I opted for the olive + lemon one because I've been looking for it for the longest time and the raspberry one is sold at Target, where I frequent more often. Also, has anyone tried the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder? It looks really interesting! I'm not sure how to apply it though such makeup noob so any information would be great! Got the Murad sample in the mail ^_^ Does anyone want a review?

I got the face mask from a cute lil Asiah shop and the pore pack from Daiso! I used a pore strip the other day and the charcoal scent is reaaally strong ;_; I'm probably going to get the other pore strips Daiso offers next time.

Last but not least is my Cosmeticlove order! I actually ordered off eBay, not their actual website, but I'm assuming the packaging process is the same ^_^ I ordered it for $8.83 on June 25th and received it on July 9th, so it took about 2 weeks. They graciously added samples too!

The samples were on top ^_^

It was really well bubble wrapped and I even had to sign for the package! My mom was like, "Why is it so complicated for a simple skincare product?" XD Really happy with the service and I would definitely order from them again! 

What are some sites you guys use to order beauty products? 
What's a product you're currently obsessed with?

I'm off to the gym after eating Korean fried chicken and shopping hehe so much for the shopping ban.

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