Cool Cat

My friend S tweeted this picture a while before her birthday and when it came around, K and I decided it would be really cool to make it for her. The plan was this: I would draw the stencil, our friend A would cut the stencil out because he's really good at making stencils, I would paint it, and K would make the pocket. He has a ton of sick printed fabric and makes pocket tees to sell at school. 

Our stencil drawn by me, cut by A
Annd, it kind of worked. Keep reading to see our results ; - )

This was our first attempt.
I used acrylic paint (kinda ghetto but neither of us had fabric paint) and did the cat on the right. He was supposed to go home and do the second part in black but he HECKED UP and decided to add the cat on the left (w/ fabric paint this time) so it looks like we did the design on purpose. It mainly went wrong because he used too much paint so I had to teach him how to sponge correctly.

This was our second and final attempt. It turned out pretty well and after K added a pocket, it was ready to be delivered to S ^_^

Although K did a good job, I would still rather print the design myself when I made another one of these T's. I'm also planning on making a MURAKAMI 49 (his birth year) or MURAKAMI 00 jersey shirt using the same method during the summer although that will be more of a challenge. I also want to make a cat shirt for myself but K forgot to give the stencil back to me 3 times so unless I see him over the summer, I won't be able to make my shirt ;_;

Have you guys ever DIYed a shirt? Would you be interested in a DIY kimono post?

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