Jul.2014 Currently Coveting

Before I post part 2 of the DIY Kimono series, I thought I would add this Currently Coveting for summer since I skipped the one for June ^_^

Jul.2014 Currently Coveting

Jul.2014 Currently Coveting by thepigs

1. Banana Printed Shirt

2. White Crewneck T-shirt

3. High Waisted Shorts

4. Lace Shorts

5. Target Floral Bikini

6. Gingham Collared Dress

7. Stone Necklace

8. Pink Skater Dress

I've been really into banana prints recently for some reason and even though I purchased a banana printed piece of clothing already (will be featured in a haul some time soon!), I really like this shirt as well XD 
A white crew neck shirt is an essential basic but I'm not really sure where to buy one that's a good quality! Any tips?
I'm hoping to thrift a pair of high waisted shorts soon because that seems to be where most people are getting their high waisted shorts. Buying a cute pair is really hard ;_;
The lace shorts are actually a Zara knockoff and that makes me a little uncomfortable to be honest. Also, they kind of look like pajama bottoms but that's also why I like them. Do you guys think I should get these?
I have enough bikinis but this one is just too cute!
The gingham dress is something else I'm not too sure about but I'm leaning towards yes. It would be perfect for fall ^_^
I'm hoping to buy more quartz stones soon so I can make more necklaces ^_^ I'm deciding between these five; which two are your favorite?

I've wanted the pink skater dress for the longest time and it's still on my wishlist though not as much as before. I originally wanted the pink dress for the spring/summer and a grey long sleeved dress for the fall. Grey might be too gloomy for the colder season but it would be really cute ^_^

Which two quartz stones should I get? What's something you want to buy this month?

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