Wholesale Fashion Finds #1 + Giveaway

Hey guys! This is a new corner I thought I would add because I saw a few other blogs do this and I thought it was a great idea since I shop so much XD. A lot of things from online stores like Sheinside or Choies are from wholesale sellers so I hope I can help you all save some money with this corner ^_^ 

Disclaimer: I am in no way endorsing these products. I have not bought these items and cannot vouch for the quality. These are only cheaper alternatives that I would buy, but wholesale items can be a hit OR miss. Purchase at your own caution. Links included below.

I think this backpack is suuper cute especially because I've been really into banana prints lately (hint of an upcoming clothing haul!). It seems like it would be a little smaller than your average backpack from the comparison with an iPad in the stock pictures included but for the price, I wouldn't mind.

In the reviews, someone provided what I'm assuming is his or her pictures (the review wasn't in English ;_;) and the straps are black instead of blue as depicted in the stock pictures. I think it still looks cute and I would purchase this! My friend might and if she does, I'll update you guys on the quality ^_^

H8 Mesh Shirt $13.56

This find isn't that much cheaper than other sites that are selling it because it was on sale where this Youtuber hauled it but I thought I would include it anyway! Because she tries it on, you can see what it looks like ^_^ 

That's all there is this time :D If you guys like this corner, let me know and I'll do more of these posts!

BTW, there's a giveaway going on chocobunniii13's blog! It's to celebrate her blogiversary ^_^

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