Aliexpress Review #1: White Platform Sandals

Even though summer is almost over, we can all agree that white platform sandals have been everywhere the last couple of months. I ordered these end of June and finally got around to reviewing them /slapped. 

Where: I ordered it from Aliexpress
How much: $16
Qualty: Keep reading :D

The package came from China and shipping took about two weeks which is pretty good. It was very light as I had already expected because I did a crazy amount of research on these shoes. The box was kind of beat up as you can see but it didn't affect the sandals.

The shoes have a velcro strap so the fit is adjustable to an extent and the exterior is a PU material (faux leather). The underside of the leather is almost suede-y and the shoes are very comfortable! It's also very light so it's not like my Urban Outfitters boots that I wear a lot. I didn't have to break them in or anything! I will say that after 2-3 hours of walking around IKEA, the bottoms of my feet started getting a little tired but that's most likely from standing too much since the soles are cushion-y.

The platform is made of a matte plastic-y material but if I dig my nail into it, it creates an indent. I really have no way of explaining it but many other people have said that it looked like a toy when they opened up the box. Nonetheless, it's quite functional ^_^ It's also true to size!

Overall, I definitely recommend these! For the price, these shoes are definitely worth it and I would pay up to ~$22 bucks for these (which is still super affordable). If you guys have any more questions just ask below!

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