Microwavable Cookie in a Mug Recipe + Giveaway News!

I was so busy with my film class that I didn't have time to blog ;_; but, I'm back with these single-serving size treats!

Even though cookies are delicious and making a batch is really quick and easy, they're much too tempting. Instead, opt for a one serving size cookie you can microwave! Quicker, Easier, and although not healthy, healthier.

It tastes better than it looks, trust me ^_^

I don't know why but I really like the way raw eggs look LOL it's really smooth and slippery and kind of cute. Just me? Alright.

Mix it together, add some chocolate chips and voila! Put it in the oven and you're done. It's more yellow than your traditional cookie because you only use egg yolk instead of a complete egg but that's okay; it still tastes the same ^_^ I also added some peppermint chocolate chips because I need to finish those up.

Tangent, but I realized lately that my sister and I are terrible at looking for expiration dates. Often times, we don't finish things like hot chocolate mixes and other things we don't eat/drink a lot and it goes to waste ;A; Don't forget to clear out your pantry once in a while and bring the things that are going to go bad first to the front so you remember to eat them!

I made this for my dad so I put less sugar but it was still good :D It had kind of a dense cake consistency; imagine the baby of a brownie and a cake. 10/10 would make again ^_^ You can use a cup but I would reccommend using a shallow cup. I used a ramkin because it's easier to eat.

Recipe taken from Number 2 Pencil (her cookie looks a lot better than mine XD)

Also, there's a giveaway going on! Jo is having a Back to School giveaway if anyone is interested ^_^ There's a Naked Basics palette included with a lot of sheet masks so definitely check it out.

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