End of Summer Haul

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't blogged in such a long time. :( My laptop's hard drive crashed and basically burnt out but my dad replaced it (thank goodness). All my files are still gone though :(. Highschool is taking up a lot of my time too ;u; I need to learn to use my time wisely. 

But to be honest, I haven't blogged because I've been in a slump. It's a snowball effect, if you don't blog for a week, it turns into 2 weeks, then a month, and it gets harder and harder to find the motivation to start again. No worries, I'm trying to turn that around ^_^

 I realized I have a lot of posts in draft so no more hiatus for me! Keep reading to see the prices on all of these ^_^

I've been wanting a striped crop top for the /longest/ time but Brandy Melville's crop tops are a bit pricey. H&M has the perfect one for $10 and I had a $6 wrapp coupon so I got this shirt for four bucks :D The material isn't as flimsy as the Brandy ones and I sized up so the shoulders would fit nicer.

I got this PJ set from F21 because as a blogger, I thought it was really apt. The tank is really low and thin; I only wear it with a sports bra or bandeau in the house. The shorts are so cute though; they say "Follow me." ^_^

I got these overalls from Marshalls for $14! They're so cute and match with a ton of things. I actually saw a girl wearing them at school yesterday which was a little awkward but /shrugs/ I've gotten over that a while ago. I used to want to be the only one wearing certain things but trends are trends. You can still rock what you like even if other people are wearing the same thing!

Last but not least, I got this banana dress from aliexpress <3 _ <3 I'm going to review it soon so that's all I'll say for now :D But, this dress has made banana prints my thing at school...^_~

Okay, that wasn't last but not least, but these are just bits and bobs not really worth mentioning XD What's your favorite purchase from this month? Do you ever fall out of blogging?

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