102514: Tous Les Jours + Meet Fresh Cafe Review!

Heyyy, long time no see right? It feels like I start a lot of my posts like this ;; I'm still busy as hell but until I sort things out, I'm going to do these life style/food diary posts ^_^ If you guys have an idea as what I should tag these, let me know! For now, they're labeled "personal" but they're kind of like vlogs (but in picture form).

I desperately needed a break from SAT 2 practice (SAT 1 scores out in 8 hours!!!) and the general stress of school so I went with my mom and cousin to go grocery shopping at the local asian market. There's a Tous Les Jours inside, which is a pretty well known Korean bakery, and I really wanted to try something because I'm a sucker for bread.

The "The+ Milk" breads looked interested so I got the strawberry one ($2) and after a bite I was like "What the...I don't see the hype." Then I bit into the cream and wOW I get why this is $2! It tastes like a fluffy strawberry milk candy (ᗒᗊᗕ)  There wasn't a lot of cream though ;_;

I also bought a flavor of Pepero I've never seen and ( ^ω^)I already ate a box and let me tell you, it doesn't /really/ taste like milk chocolate or Oreos but it is addicting.

Next to the Asian market was a Taiwanese cafe thing where they sell taiwanese desserts. Don't be fooled, it's not your ordinary shaved ice or milk tea; there's an herbal twist. It's not everyone's cup of tea (pun unintended) but it's really good for the older generation who don't like the overly sweet beverages most places sell!

I got an herbal jelly iced slushy tea thing (I forgot the name OTL) and we got my sister Camelia Green Milk Tea. My drink was basically the cup version of the dessert below.

It looks weird at first but let me explain:
Black Jelly: Herbal Jelly (tastes like grass jelly)
White Cream: Some sort of cream
Purple Mochi(?): Taro <ochi
Orange Mochi(?): Sweet Potato Mochi

The mochi pieces are the best (*๓´╰╯`๓)

There was a letter stamped onto this one LOL.

I'm also trying to excercize again and I started today by walking halfway home. I was originally going to walk home from school but it was a 40 minute walk and I was wearing really tight jeans ;__; So, I had my friend drop me off at the donut shop, bought a donut, and walked 20 minutes home. That's a pretty fair exchange! 

Then I got home and played neopets LOL. Do you guys remember the ice cream scoop dodging game? I was killin' it before my computer lagged like crazy.

Let me know if you guys like these posts! I think these are fun to read once in a while ^_^

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