3 Easy Ways to Win Gift Cards

Hey guys! Hope you're enjoying your extra hour from Daylight Savings :) Sorry for the Buzzfeed/spam sounding title LOL. I don't know about you but I'm always trying to find ways to earn money. Because I'm a student and I don't have a car, I don't have the time to get a part time job although a lot of my friends work. I feel like a lot of you may be in a similar boat but here are some ways you can earn a little bit of money (⌯⌅⌄⌅)

1) Featurepoints

How this works is you download available apps and play then for ~a minute. Then, you check back to the Featurepoints page and if your points go up, you can delete the app and continue with your life. If not, it means you didn't play on the app for long enough. It's a fun thing to do whenever you're bored because you get to discover new apps and get rewarded for it ヽミ ´∀`ミノ 

Once you accumulate points you can get rewards! So far, I've gotten a $5 Starbucks gift card. What I did was redeem my points and they emailed me a code for the gift card. I'm not sure what would happen if you redeemed a bigger gift but I'm sure it would work similarly ₍₍⁽⁽(ી(^‿^)ʃ)₎₎⁾⁾

If you really save up you could get huge rewards but because the ratio of points is the same, it's tantamount to getting a lot of $5 gift cards but it makes check out easier if it's all in one place XD 

My Starbucks card is totally legit too. It doesn't take as long as you would think to accumulate points and it's not much but it's enough to fuel your coffee fund :D I'm working towards an Amazon gift card next so I can buy little bits and bobs.

Sign up using this link to start off with 50 Featurepoints http://featu.re/966AMY
Or use the code: 966AMY

P.S. I'm not sponsored! Inviting your friends helps you earn more points so help a sister out ^_~

2. Sweepstakes

I know, I know. These almost never work. But look at Sales-aholic! She's won an iPad and Xbox before! The daily sweepstake I've been entering lately is the Lunchables one. You "spin" a wheel and if the pictures line up, you win! I won a $5 Amazon gift card and they emailed me a code for it ^_^ You can win $25 gift cards too so definitely check it out daily. It takes 5 seconds and goes on until January 2015.

3. Shopping through Ebates

I found this website through Sales-aholic as well and although I haven't online shopped enough to get rebates back yet, it seems promising! 

More information on her website here since she explains it in a very simple way ^_^ I downloaded the chrome extension so it lets me know when an online shop will have cash back. It's a really handy website to use especially with cyber Monday coming up this month (^▽^)/ ʸᵉᔆᵎ

Are you guys going to use any of these sites? What are some of your money saving tips?

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