Aliexpress Review #3: Milky Phone Case

Hey guys! I don't know if it's just me but I've seen the Milky candy all over Tumblr lately, especially this phone case. I know some people are curious as to where you can buy this so keep reading to find out ◟(ؑ⸍⸍ᵕؑ̇⸍⸍)◞✧

I ordered it from Aliexpress on October 25th and received it on November 6th so shipping was pretty decent. Unfortunately, the seller removed the listing but if you search "milky phone case iphone 5c (or whatever model phone you have) " I'm sure you'll find lots of options ^_^

Stock picture from Aliexpress
A major concern I had was how the phone case would fit because cute iphone 5c cases are hard to find and often times, sellers will ship you the iphone 5s case. However, the two phones are shaped differently so cases won't always fit ;_;

This case is indeed for the iphone 5c and it's very protective! It's made out of a hard silicon so getting it out can be a little tricky but it's nothing bothersome. The back is plastic-y with a glossy finish that scratches easily but better your phone case than your phone! After using it for a few days there are already matte spots from the scratches but you can't tell unless you hold it up against the light in a certain way.

You might be wondering, what's that little piece of paper in the corner? Well the buttons were placed in such a way that the volume down button was constantly already pressed down. So, I could only raise the volume, not lower it. After sticking a super tiny folded piece of paper between the case and my phone, the case button doesn't press down on the actual phone button any more ^_^ That's the only downside to this case but it's also an easy fix.

All in all, I really recommend this phone case! It's super cute, unique, and a throwback to the childhood candy I used to eat ^^ I bought it for %6.30 which is really cheap too and I like how sturdy it feels. 

What kind of phone cases do you guys like, silicone or hard plastic? Have you guys shopped at Aliexpress before?

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