Cyber Monday Haul

I'm currently sitting on the floor of my room with too much clothes all over the floor, trying to find my camera charger, and attempting to clean up. Well, I'll attempt to clean up after I write this blog post.

I'm putting off cleaning my room to BLOG, imagine that! It's not much of an accomplishment but I'm getting back into the groove of blogging, just in time for Christmas shopping ; )

As usual, I started online shopping on Black Friday, all weekend until Cyber Monday. I didn't go crazy but I really should stop spending so much because I don't have a job ;_; Also, is it just me, or was Black Friday not that good this year? I went shopping and I bought a plain white tee that wasn't even on sale :o I think it's because Black Friday sales get pushed up in the week so it just becomes a week of normal sales except all stores do them at the same time.

Anyway, let's start off with the dainty bralette I got from Gilly Hicks!
The front is completely covered but the back has see through lace which is a nice touch. I was confused at first because the tag was on the outside but it's hopefully not very noticeable. I love the adjustable straps and it's overall such a pretty piece.

Original: $17.95
Paid: $3.69

I don't know if this counts but I got these Jo Malone body butter samples for free when I popped by the store. Jo Malone is a very luxurious brand but the scents are gorgeous and subtle. The lady at the counter said mixing them creates personal scents too! If you're ever in there, don't be scared to ask for samples, they're really nice ^_^

The polo shirt from Zara is an interesting purchase for me because I haven't worn a polo shirt since I was 8, but I bought it hoping to style with skirts and high waisted shorts. I actually bought a men's polo because it was cheaper XD. 

Original: $20.99
Paid: $13.97

The Uniqlo legging/jeans are so stretchy and soft and look like corduroy, except they're a leggings material. Complete with back pockets and belt loops, people can't tell you're wearing comfy leggings ^_~ I strongly recommend these! They're not very expensive either.

Original: $22.90
Paid: $17.90

The tapestry shorts from Forever 21 are also something I wouldn't usually gravitate towards but it's perfect for winter, despite it being shorts, and I'm just a sucker for high waisted shorts. I can imagine it with the black polo, any oversized black or white T shirt, or a collared shirt. If it's colder, it would look great over tights as well.

Original: $17.90
Paid: $8.82

Picked up a Sephora $10 dealy and boring things like crew socks and bobby pins. On the bright side, I got the bobby pins for 50 cents!

Last but not least, my most favorite purchase of November...

These glorious bluchers from Zara. Aren't they beautiful? I'm currently (or have been) on a shoe kick and there are so many shoes that I need to hold myself back. However, I've been needing a flatter pair of black shoes that I can wear daily because my Urban Outfitter boots aren't practical for every day wear. These babes still have the chunky heel silhouette that I love but give me less height so I don't feel like a giraffe.

I actually feel like Kwang Soo with my boots on and I'm not even that tall OTL
Original: $59.90
Paid: $41.93

 What do you guys think was my best deal? How was your Black Friday/Cyber Monday? Next year I'm probably going to just online shop in the morning instead of braving the shopping malls. I've been spoiled by online shopping :D


  1. Those Zara kicks are awesome! Are they comfortable? I've never got shoes from Zara as they are pretty pricey here but I want to get something from there for myself :D

    It's Me, Hanie

  2. i walked around the house for a few days to "break them in" even though they're not real leather but after that, they're pretty comfortable! when i wear them out for longer than 3-4 hours i'll update you ^_^