Nature Republic 92% Aloe Gel Review

Hey guys! Haven't done a review in a while :O This aloe vera gel has been raved about by a ton of people so I thought I would try it out ^^ I have ton of bug bites and scars on my arms and legs and aloe vera is supposed to help. Keep reading for my thoughts on this product ^_^

When I first saw the seal, I thought "Nature Republic" was actually printed in the gel ROFL. It's just a plastic cover. I wasn't expecting anything but the gel was unlike any texture I've ever felt. It was like a normal gel but it was also almost jelly like. When you rub it into your skin, it turns watery. A little goes a long way but for me it feels like it's more effective the more you lather it on.

The texture is jellylike at first but when it slowly absorbs into your skin, it feels more watery.

Alcohol is rather high up on the ingredients list which is a bummer but I only use this gel on my body. If you don't use it on sensitive areas like your face, it should be fine ^_^ I think some of my scars lightened though it may have just been the power of time. But I like how this gel feels! It's cooling and very different from your standard moisturizer.

The jelly like texture is very interesting and I would overall recommend this. I feel like it helped my skin heal from scars so it healed faster than it usually would've. It does take a little longer to set in but it's not terribly long. It's definitely more of a summer product because of it's cooling properties but if you live in the southern hemisphere, try this product out this winter!

Rating: ✿ 4.5

Has anyone tried aloe gel? What's your favorite Korean beauty product?

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  1. Hi, I just buy this one online, but when I opened, it has no plastic cover inside, Aaah, I'm worried so much, mine is the fake one, but the texture and jar looks alike you describe above, thanks anyway!

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