Early Birthday Present!

Hey guys! Sorry for being MIA, finals are coming up so I'm trying to focus more on school so I can raise my borderline grades (꒪ȏ꒪;) However, I've been procrastinating so I might as well do something productive if it's not schoolwork. 

Elena, my amazing friend and pen pal, sent me this package a few days ago for my birthday and it just made me really happy ;u; (THANK YOU ELENA BB) My birthday is actually on the 19th but I opened the package early because I don't have any self control ehe. You can see what Elena sent me last year here.

Look at all of these goodies ;u;

I'm so excited to try out this lippie from Etude House bc 
1. I love orange/corals
2. Etude House
3. Etude House
and so on.

It looks really red here but I swear it's a peachy color ٩(´Д` ;)۶:.* Also, if you're wondering why the quality of the pictures is so nice, I'm filming a spot feature for film class so I was able to borrow my school's camera for the weekend ヽ(=^・ω・^=)丿 I'm still saving up for a dslr!

Taking pictures of the BB cream was really hard so this is the only picture I have eep. It's okay though! When I review it, I'll make sure the pictures are better (٭°̧̧̧ω°̧̧̧٭) It's a little light for my skin but if I blend it into my neck, it really brightens my complexion and looks amazing! 

I'm also very excited to use the Etude House face mask (review here),  Nexcare Acne Patches, and the Carmex lip balm. Nexcare is amaaaazing for helping with big pimples over night so I highly recommend them \\\(۶•̀ᴗ•́)۶////

Side note: I was taking pictures for a shoe collection and my sister was like "Why are you taking pictures of your shoes on top of the washing machine..." and I couldn't explain that I needed a white background for my blog. It was awkward and she just told me to go do homework. The pictures also turned out very blurry because I didn't know how to change a certain setting \(-ㅂ-)/. We may have to wait on a shoe collection post...

Also, do you guys prefer longer posts or shorter posts? More pictures in posts or more anecdotes/writing/thoughts?


  1. Happy early birthday! I love any length post as long as there are plenty of pictures. (^ ^)

  2. Happy early birthday! ohh the struggles of school and finals.. I understand it now! I just finished my first semester of college and while it was fun, harder than I thought.

    You got some really nice items. That BB cream looks cool and haha I know how you feel about needing a white background. I get weird looks from my mommy when she sees me doing stuff like that!


  3. thank you! long time no see mindy ^^ i'm glad your first semester was fun nonetheless! if i can just get past finals...

  4. awww, happy early b-day! That's so exciting though! It's so exciting to receive a package from a pen pal! Just curious, where's your pen pal from?

    I love pictures! They're funner to look at then a long post with too much words! I'd say, don't make the post too long or too short! :)

    ALSO, please do a review on NEXCARE! I've been trying to decide whether to purchase some or not!! <3 hehehe, thanks~~~

  5. Hi there, I have nominated you to the Liebster Award, Check it out for more details at my blog @ http://k-beautycode.blogspot.com/2015/01/liebster-award.html

  6. Ahhh, that's so nice! Happy belated birthday! :D I wish I had a penpal T~T

    Oooh I have been using the Nexcare for years! I loved it so much I actually posted a review with pictures of my pimple a while back. XD Sadly I stopped using it because of shipping ;~;

    Oh and I love all of your posts! Whether they are short or small they are always awesome~ <3 :3

  7. Thank you! Sorry for taking so long to reply ;; But my penpal is from Canada :) I'll review the Nexcare next!

  8. Thank you for the nomination :)

  9. Thanks Phailee! There are some on Ebay for free shipping and since they last forever it's worth it ^_^ Thank you for reading always <3