[NEW] Etude House #ColorInLiquidLips Collection Swatches

Hey guys! I saw this on Etude House's Twitter and I figured y'all would be interested in it too so here's the product information for their new lipstick (❁´▽`❁)* I'm not sure what the official English name is but I'm pretty sure it's Color in Liquid Lips because that's what the box says and that's what the Korean says (duh).

Krystal is so beautiful ;u; From what I can see, it looks like a liquid lipstick with a glossy finish of a tint (not as glossy as a lip gloss). The colors seem pigmented so I'm excited (≧∇≦)/ The wand is heart shaped for precision, which is nice.

It's nice how there are nudes, pinks, reds, oranges, and plums! I wish there were more orange shades though (ノ*゜▽゜*)

That burgundy though *__*

What do you think? Will you look for these? And if so, what colors? I can translate most if not all of colors if there's a color you're interested in (ॢ˘⌣˘ ॢ⑅)


  1. Ugh, I'm a sucker for dark reds like lipstick #9. I want it already but I just bought 3 new lippies.. ;A;

    But thanks for sharing these Lisa! They look really nice! So far I have had good experiences with liquid lipsticks (gosh I love how confused my friends get when they see the pigmentation of a lipstick but the glossiness of a lipgoss on my lips >:3) And I never heard bad things about EH's lippies so I'm very excited to see reviews on these~~

  2. #3 and #10 are very pretty! I might want to try these out one day. Thanks for sharing! (^ ^)

  3. # 8, 9 , 19, and 20 all look so pretty!! These look cool actually . Etude house always packages their products in the cutest ways I feel!


  4. #3 is one of my favorites too! Thanks for reading Audrey :)

  5. Ack I feel you ;u; You can never get enough but finishing one is so tough! I don't like lipglosses that much but I like how these are glossy without being jelly like ^_^

  6. Agreed! If there was an Etude House where I live, I would buy a ton of products for just the packaging >.<

  7. Ohhh, these are so cute!!! T_T


  8. Your'e so pretty ! your lips are so glossy :3 i love it ! ^.^
    xo , Lovelacee
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  9. There are so pretty! i want those cute little pinky tools! thanks i love it :)
    xoxo , Munching
    Real Datpiff Supplier here.

  10. I love this the colours are soo vvibrant and bold and defiantly perfect for summer and I love the variety of colour it gives and gooosh not forgetting etudes house cute packaging always just sells it to me at the first glance I really enjoyoed the post! :D xx