Late Late /Late/ Birthday Lunch

Oh no...
/clears throat/
How do I say this?
It's that time of the blogging career again...


I've been gone for so long that I have a birthday lunch post in my drafts (and my birthday was in January OTL). 

check out this siq picture in front of a hair salon
Updates: -Mindy from won the giveaway and I sent it out (late ;;)!
- I took the SAT (for the last time hopefully)
- Almost completely saved up for a DSLR (hoping to buy one during spring break??)
- Almost back to my original weight after gaining 7 pounds...
- Still very active on my instagram @thepigs!

Blogging is kind of like taking a shower for me; I'm so reluctant to get in but once I get in the shower, I don't want to leave. I'm not sure what's taken me so long but I'm excited now; ready to think of new content and share it all with you guys :)

Seriously one of my favorite ramen places ;u; The broth was so good and the ramen so amazing ahhhhh I just want to go back.

Afterwards we shopped around in the marketplace the ramen place was in and bought a few pastries :D I looove patisserie esque places because of watching Yumeiro Patisserie a few years back! I can't spell it for the life of my though LOL

Pocari Sweat tasted like orange gatorade ish but clear! I wasn't very impressed but maybe that's because there was so much hype during my weeaboo phase on tumblr XD

hi Levi ^^

There's also this really cool mochi place that has the best flavors :D There's a cream inside and you're supposed to leave it out for ~10 minutes so it can thaw before you eat it!

And then cool bits and bobs in the Japanese Bookstore.

I thought these soaps were so cool HAHA would definitely buy one for a guy friend.

Shirt: H&M Mens
Jeans: Uniqlo
Sandals: Forever 21

If you made it to the end: What kind of posts would you like to see next? What helps you get over blogger's bock?

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